martes, 23 de agosto de 2011


        A one day was eagerly awaited by the people tod @ s Ohanes at the village entrance fervently hoped the arrival of Our Lady of Consolation Canjáyar Tices to carry. Groups of cars were behind the Virgin Mary to accompany her on the way to get to the White Cross Canjáyar.
    Canjáyar neighbors put several altars in the route of the procession, altar worthy of admiration, the great conglomeration of people who attended and many of them with the emotion displayed in her face.

    Hopefully not the last time you visit, because Ohanes neighbors, which is proud to carry their patron saint on their shoulders. It's been a lovely day and unforgettable for both 's to see the Virgin Canjáyar to attend the Jubilee Year.

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